Spelen met kunst en collage

Art week – playing with art and collage

13 May – 20 May 2022 with Els van Lieshout in Italy

‘Not necessity but coincidence is full of enchantment.’ Milan Kundera

Last October Els van Lieshout came to Artisa for an artist retreat. She inspired and moved other participants with her work and her way of working. We are happy that she is coming now to Artisa to facilitate a visual working week.

A challenging art week for beginning and advanced artists.

The starting point of this working week is that we will work with collage. Collage has many possibilities for play and experiment. And it is a technique that almost every artist has used, even if it was sometimes only for a preliminary study, such as Rembrandt.

We practice looking: at the Academy of Visual Arts Els was fascinated by the subject Optical grammar, she did the VTS (visual thinking strategies) course and she thinks that looking is essential for creating art.

We practice playing and experimenting: we use the most diverse material that we sometimes find by chance and let go of the idea of ​​a result. We practice with composition: this can also be with natural materials and photography.


If you like paper and are already working creatively, if you want to take it a step further in your development, if you want to get new ideas then collage is a wonderful technique to practice. I can no longer throw away even a tiniest scrap of paper…


Before breakfast there is the possibility to participate in a yoga and meditation session.
Every morning after breakfast we start with one to one and a half hours of inspiration, information, explanation and/or an exercise. Then everyone goes to work for themselves, which can also be in your own discipline, in which you try to translate the exercise into your own work. Of course you can also work with other techniques. At the end of the afternoon we discuss everyone’s work/experiment together.
The goal is not to make perfect works; the goal is to loosen up in your creative work, experiment with collage, and most importantly, take home inspiration and  ideas that you are eager to elaborate further.



• learn to play and let go of a preconceived plan

• learn to look from different perspectives

• create conditions for innovation in your work

• applying new working methods

• increase insight into the composition of your visual work and use of color

• personal coaching in your art work

• further developing of your own style

Artist and facilitator

Els van Lieshout went to the Royal Academy of Art The Hague at the age of 37. She chose Graphic Design and after 3 years she discovered that unique work was more appealing than reproducible designs. She was  especially drawn to collage techniques.
She makes her collages with magazine fragments, remnants of old posters, and self-painted paper, but she can actually work with every scrap. She always combines this with drawing and painting. In her work she is inspired by large cities, buildings and street scenes. She loves nature but finds the city endlessly interesting as a subject. She wants to capture its dynamics in her work. Finding material by chance is really a starting point of her work. She has experienced that in this way she can continue to play and remain inspired.

Practical Details

We will take care of:

– Panels (to be able to work on), pots, cloths
– Easels (if desired)
–  Glue
– extra magazines
– various paper, various other materials (inks, composition pots), cardboard carriers

You bring:

– Magazines that inspire in terms of photos and colours
– Any other paper material
– Paint and brushes (acrylic, poster paint or watercolour)
– Drawing material (pencils, markers, chalk, charcoal)
– Sketchbook
– Dummy(ies)

Data : 13 May – 20 May 2022
Location : La Terra Saggia, Le Marche, Italy
Fee : € 1100,- incl. program, accommodation, food, breaks, snacks and Artisa facilities


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