Women and Leadership

"We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies." Emily Dickinson, American poet

Personal and professional development

Women and leadership is about finding your “deepest voice” and bringing yourself fully into the world. Both on a personal and on a professional level.
There are many popular images depicting how or who we are supposed to be as a woman and a female leader. But do these images represent our own true nature? In this retreat we will examine and question existing images. Then we will (re)discover and bring forth our own strength and uniqueness as women and leaders.

In this group of women you will find a place where you will be held, recognized, supported, and challenged.

Female qualities

Your unique female qualities will be strengthened and that which lies waiting in
the shadow will become visible – increasing your power and impact.
It is about telling your story, giving shape to your leadership and following your path.
This process will clarify what is yours to do in the world: your true longings for yourself,
your family, your organisation and your community.

Who is this retreat for?

For women who wish to explore and develop their feminine energy, strength and leadership, either personally or professionally.
Working language will be English and Dutch.

How do we work?

Women and Leadership is for those who want to wake up as human beings make a difference in the world. The exploration comprises various forms such as contemplative practice, bodywork, personal biography, systemic work, nature, silence, intuition, and creative expression. We work both individually and with the group as a whole.

By investigating both archetypical and individual stories about the strengths and struggles of women, you will begin to re-shape your own story. We will explore polarities like power and vulnerability, vigor and surrender, independence and receptivity.


  • Insight into patterns and qualities concerning being a woman and taking
  • Deeper contact with your own unique talents and inspiration
  • Unfolding of your potential that has been hidden in the shadow
  • Insight into how to shape your leadership
  • Increased impact
  • Learning to face your fears and doubts, inviting new and exciting challenges
  • Membership of an international community of women and a chance to build lifelong relationships.


Anja Hueber and Celeste Neelen will be facilitating the women and leadership retreat.
Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to subscribe: celeste@artisagreece.org

“I feel there is something unexplored about women
 that only a woman can explore.” Georgia O’Keeffe
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