Artisa – Art in our rooms

In our rooms we exhibit works from artists who worked at Artisa or support our vision.
The art works give a special flavour to the rooms, each room devoted to a different artist. Some participants have been telling us that they felt more at home through the works, as the colours reminded them of home. Others feel uplifted by the radiance or feel challenged to start creating themselves. We would like to show the pieces we are exhibiting at the moment. If you are an artist and would like to show a few pieces in one of our rooms send us a e-mail and we get back to you.

Nancy Kroonkroonkunst paintingsKroonkunst Paintings
Nancy Kroon, Dutch artist, inspired by Greek mythology, the Greek light and the human being in all its forms.She often travels to Greece to work there and dive deeper into the Greek mythology.

Emilia Hauser harbour Epidavros

Emilia Hauser, Dutch visual artist and teacher, specialized in Aquarel paintings with a high color intensity.

Photo project by Monique Neelen You-R-O-Teens by Monique NeelenYou-R-O-Teens by Monique Neelen
You-R-O-Teens: Teenagers across Europe; where do they live, what are they thinking and dreaming about?
These questions triggered Monique Neelen to document young European citizens between the ages of 12 and 18 in a series of photographic portraits. Randomly chosen teenagers are portrayed in their private spaces. Handwritten notes about their lives and dreams and additional snapshots of their surroundings complete the picture.

Mary Cox, American artist living in AthensMary CoxMary Cox

Mary Cox, American artist living in Athens. Working with multi-media techniques and themes like immigrants, bicycles and lately her project on flowers and fences.

Vera kleijn dutch artist Vera kleijn dutch artistVera Kleijn dutch artist

Vera Kleijn, Dutch artist, exploring abstract landscapes and portraits

Celeste Neelen painting flowersCeleste Neelen purple flowerCeleste Neelen Blue flower

Celeste Neelen, Dutch artist living in Greece and the Netherlands.

Cynthia van der HoogteAnneke AdamaJeanne van de Heijden portraits
From left to right: Cynthia van der Hoogte, Anneke Adama, Jeanne van der Heijden

Celeste neelen abstract natureCeleste Neelen abstract flowerCeleste Neelen abstract landscape
More works from Celeste Neelen. Above are 2 pieces that belong to a series of abstract landscapes and below 2 paintings inspired by architecture. One in the city of Athens and the other in Berlin.

Celeste Neelen architecture paintingsCeleste Neelen Ermoustraat AthensCeleste Neelen Potsdammerplatz Berlin