Deep dive detox

29 April – 06 May 2022

Do you often feel that your life is too busy ? Do you give yourself time and space to do what generates energy? We all do too much, run too much, use our smartphones too much. And while doing that, we also carry a lot of mental ballast in our system.
We believe that your level of awareness and personal growth is connected to your quality of mental and physical well-being. Simply put: the more conscious you are in life, the happier you are. By being in an inspiring environment for a week, away from emails and apps, from everyday habits, you give yourself the chance to reset and recharge yourself with new inspiration and energy.

We offer a framework in which you receive full support to change unhealthy patterns and where you can relax, deepen and slow down. We work on a physical, emotional and mental level. With space for yourself and supportive work in the group.
We have given the TIME OUT retreat for several years. In this program we add the nutritional aspect. A detox week that addresses all levels of well-being.

Food – detox

In terms of nutrition, we start the day before the retreat and the first 2 days with a mild approach. Slow down with coffee and carbohydrates. No to sugar and alcohol. More vegetables, fruits, water, herbal teas. In the middle 2.5 days we switch to detox based on drinking lots of healthy juices.  The last 1.5 days we slowly build up again and you will receive nutritional tips for the following weeks.

The emphasis of this program is on awareness and breaking patterns, not on losing weight. Yet we can say with certainty that you will come out lighter and more radiant.

Digital detox

We sometimes call the smartphone ‘the third arm’. Can you do anything without it? This week is also a chance to stop the habit of being 24/7 online. You can choose to turn off your phone completely and give it to us or you can turn it off and use it only at a specific time in the day. Participants from previous groups found this very liberating! In case of emergency people can reach you by using our mail and telephone-number.

What can you expect?

– an inspiring framework
– stepping out of your daily routine
– tapping into your creativity and vision
– a re-set of your mind | heart | body
– seeing with fresh eyes, opening up to new perspectives
– learning about a balanced lifestyle, one which can also be enjoyable
– pointers to help you find the OFF button
– more energy and inner peace
– coaching


Every day has a set structure.
07:30 am Accessible yoga, breathing exercises and meditation
8.30 am Breakfast
10.00 am to 12.30 pm Session 1: Personal reflection + a different program every day, including Emotional bodywork, writing assignments, constellation work, awareness exercises, dance, etc.
12.30 pm to 1.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm to 4.30 pm Own time for rest, walking, swimming, contact with group members or just silence and in turns 1 hour of individual coaching/week.
4.30 pm to 6.00 pm Session 2: Active meditation or other release session
6.30 pm to 7.30 pm Dinner
08.00 pm Own time or soothing evening session including soft body work, visualisation, sharing circle

* To participate in the program you need Session 1 every day. If you want to occasionally skip something from the other sessions to have more time on yourself, that’s possible.

For everybody :

– who long for more balance and quality of life
– who want to live life consciously
– who want to tackle his/her limiting patterns
– who need a break and long for a meaningful time
– who want to get off the express train and is open to exploring new ways.

Not sure if this program is for you? Then mail us for a short intake. Are you in therapy, do you have an addiction or other contraindication, be sure to contact us first.


Micky Masset and Celeste Neelen have many years experience in facilitating retreats, groups and individuals. They work from a holistic and systemic approach, in which the body, feelings, the mind and a sense of purpose are addressed. Micky Masset and Celeste Neelen are partner in Quinx. The core and the art of Quinx’s work is to facilitate change towards a better quality of work and life. We do this through ‘transformative learning’, with different and innovative forms of consultancy, coaching, training programmes, workshops and team-building.


At our new location in Le Marche, Italy. The perfect, quiet and beautiful place for this retreat.

Not sure if this program is for you? Then request a short intake. If you are in therapy, have an addiction or other contraindication, be sure to contact us first.


‘This week has given me more self confidence. It helped me find my way back. I found the guidance very strong, very professional, very balanced and with a very warm heart! It is highly recommended to also break your diet. The location is a godsend!’ Nele D.

‘When I returned, I got the feedback that I was much more open and that something in my appearance had changed. Let that be just one of the things I wanted to achieve…’ Ann V.

‘This was the best thing that could have happened to me right now.’ Anja P.

A great week for me. A welcome and much-needed ‘break’.  In an environment that couldn’t have been nicer.. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.’  A. vd Berg

Info and registration

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(Micky +32 478 335499 / Celeste +31 611 387147 )


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