How to write a non-fiction book

A writing retreat with Judit Neurink - 5 to 11 | 12 October 2019

A practical training for those who want to write a nonfiction book and have no clue where to start and how to commence. Have you been wanting to write that book but never dared, now is the time! Or did you just complete the most amazing research which contents you want to share widely, join us!

Experienced author and journalist Judit Neurink (1957, presently working on her ninth book) will work with you on planning and structuring your book and writing a synopsis that will seduce a publisher into taking it on. The workshop offers a lot of practice and advice and will give you a clear idea and an outline of the book you will write, plus the start of the first chapter.

The complete workshop takes seven days (six nights) including travel, with an option to stay on for more writing days, of which the first one could be with personal feedback from the trainer.
Teaching and working language is English.

Target group

The training is meant for journalists, researchers and academics who want to write their first book on a subject that they have researched or already have a good knowledge of.

Facilitator Judit Neurink

Judit Neurink is an experienced journalist and author who published both non-fiction and fiction. She is specialized in the Middle East and lived in Iraq for over a decade, before she recently moved to Athens. She set up and led a successful media center that offered training to Iraqi journalists in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and worked as a correspondent for Dutch and Belgian media and international websites. Her struggle with her first book, Misled Martyrs, about an Iranian resistance group turned sect, inspired her to help colleagues and others discover this unchartered ground of structuring and writing a book. Click here to see her books on
Some examples available in English and Dutch :
The Jewish Bride, novel (Dutch 2014, English 2018)
Slaves, wives and Brides, women under the rule of ISIS (Dutch 2015, English 2018)
The war of ISIS (Dutch 2015, English 2017)
Women survive ISIS (Dutch 2017, English 2017)
Some books only available in Dutch : Misled Martyrs (2005), The sacred city (2009), My Iraqi Family (2011)

Schedule of the training

In our pdf you will find an overview of the program for the 7 day training. You have the possibility to stay on for more writing days, of which the first one could be with personal feedback from the trainer.

Practical details

Date : 5 October - 11 October or 12 October
Location : Artisa, Epidavros, Greece
Facilitator : Judit Neurink
Fee : € 1250,- (writing retreat and workshop), € 1400,- (if you stay till 12 October), inclusive accommodation and full board, exclusive flight, transfer to Artisa and travel insurance.
Info & booking : send an e-mail to Celeste if would like more info or if you would like to book your place.
The portrait is made by photographer Adam Mirani.