Time – out. New life

A retreat for entrepreneurs, directors and professionals
Data 2020: 02 May - 08 May

"If you keep doing what you always did, you will get what you always got."

The huge amount of information and the speed of every day. Your ambition and responsibility. The idea that you have to be available 24/7. As an entrepreneur you are under great pressure. There are so many urgent and important, but also less important issues that get in the way to look at yourself and your company from a distance. You long to make space for creative ideas and a sustainable vision. Or just to breathe out and unwind. The freedom to do what gives you energy and makes you happy. To experience again why you originally became an entrepreneur.

You yearn for space to let go and open up to new directions with inspiration, fresh energy and a clear vision.


We create the conditions that allow you to relax, deepen and slow down. Through this process you can tap into your creative source and experience what is essential for you. Stepping out of the operational, standing still and opening up to ideas of a different level.

We offer a framework, a program and all facilities that will give you that opportunity. The only thing you have to do is say YES and clear your agenda for a week.

What can you expect?

- an inspiring framework
- stepping out of your daily routine
- tapping into your creativity and vision
- a re-set of your mind | heart | body
- seeing with fresh eyes, opening up to new perspectives
- learning about a balanced lifestyle, one which can also be enjoyable
- pointers to help you find the OFF button
- more energy and inner peace
- silence
- coaching
- connection with other entrepreneurs


* Personal intake a few weeks before the retreat
Your personal questions and theme will guide you during the retreat. Working in the group is interspersed with enough space to reflect, alone and together in connection with nature.

* Six days of intensive time-out in Greece

* After 2 months, a meeting with the group to harvest and anchor what you have learned.

For whom ?

For entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, directors and professionals with a leading role, who need a qualitative break and personal reflection (instead of group training).
For those who want to break the daily pattern of going on and who want to create space and tap into their source of creativity.


Micky Masset and Celeste Neelen have many years experience in facilitating retreats, groups and individuals. They know what it is like to run an organisation. They work from a holistic and systemic approach, in which the body, the feeling, the mind and a sense of purpose are addressed.


We stay at the beautiful Artisa, the sea at our feet, mountains and woods behind. Here the rhythms of the waves determines the ground tone of the day, surrounded by the sound of birds, a sea-breeze and abundance of  spring flowers.
Each single-occupnacy studio has its private bathroom and a large private balcony with sea view.

The building is set in a beautiful large garden with flowers and an orchard with orange, lemon and olive trees. The garden has direct access to the adjoining beach and the sea.


"Epidaurus' a few weeks ago just an unfamiliar place with a pretty enticing name. Now Epidaurus sounds ..like that magical place among the orange trees, those great people who I will not forget, these heartfelt stories, warmth and safeness,  a lot of emotions, significant silence, the wonderful skies, the changing light on the sea, brightly splashing waves, refreshed swimming,  those pure group sessions, 'challenging' missions, dawning insights and liberating dances, the care,  gratitude, those delicious meals ... and much more . "Epidaurus" acts as an anchor, a very strong sense to take home with me. "Stefaan

"This is really so good and beautiful that it is granted to everybody. Please continue giving these time-out retreats. I gained new energy, gained insights and rediscovered the love for my company." Lode

Info and registration

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