Artisa Academic & Art Retreat, the place to create and to connect

Come and experience the innovative and productive power of ARTISA Academic and Art Retreat, in the magnificent landscape of Le Marche. We would like to welcome you at La Terra Saggia in Italy. Click here for more info about the place.

Open writing, creative and academic retreats

You can join a (academic) writing retreat, create art, explore, take a time-out and re-energize. Away from the distractions of daily life, you have uninterrupted individual time during the day and the possibility of inspiring meetings with other fellow residents. The setting, structure and program… everything is very supportive in getting the most out of your retreat.

Specific programs for writing, self-development and creativity

Besides our open retreats we offer guided programs and retreats directed toward personal, creative and spiritual development.

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We offer:

  • the space and facilities to work in a fruitful and focused manner
  • open retreats and special programs
  • individual and group retreats
  • coaching and expertise in writing, personal and creative development
  • an integral approach, with attention to body, mind and spirit
  • yoga and meditation


If you would like to stay informed about our activities

Philosophy class in garden
art presentation and feedback


Artisa has been registered at the Central Register for Teaching, CRKBO, in The Netherlands. We are recognized as a professional training company. All courses and retreats are exempt from VAT. Universities and other institutions have various budgets to finance our programs. Contact your HRM expert for more information.