Advisory committee

Our Advisory Committee consists of inspiring professionals, leaders in their fields with a strong affinity to our mission and excited to contribute to an optimal performance of ARTISA.

prof. dr. Halleh Ghorashi

Prof.dr. Halleh Ghorashi is professor in Diversity and Integration at the Sociology department, at the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Prof. dr. Peter Hagoort

Prof. dr. Peter Hagoort is director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, and the founding director of the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging at the Radboud University Nijmegen. In addition, he is professor in cognitive neuroscience at the Radboud University Nijmegen.
To read our interview with prof. dr. Peter Hagoort click here.

Advisory board Artisa Venka Simovska

Prof. dr. Venka Simovska is professor in the School of Development, Wellbeing and Learning at the Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University, Denmark, Campus Copenhagen. Her interdisciplinary research brings together educational theory, psychology and health/wellbeing promotion sciences, with a focus on school development, learning and wellbeing.

Walter Lucius Hartland-trilogie

Walter Lucius is a fulltime writer. His debut, the first part of his Heartland-trilogy, is very well received and translated in 8 languages. He worked as director, scenarist and producer for theatre and television and intended to make a television series, which eventually turned out to become a thriller trilogy.

assistant professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. Vera Schölmerich is assistant professor at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Here she conducts behavioral experiments seeking to influence health-related behaviors. She also teaches courses on research design, statistics and evidence-based policy making. Moreover, Vera does consulting work where she applies evidence from rigorous research – i.e. what works – to public policy.

Christine Schwankhuisen

Christine Swankhuisen, MA, is part-time researcher at Radboudumc. She is specialized in communications and behavioral change and currently writing her dissertation on interventions to help former cancer patients to adept to a healthier lifestyle. Besides her academic work she is co-founder of Tabula Rasa – a research and consultancy firm for evidence based communications and challenging strategies. 

dr. Renee Kessel Hagesteijn

Dr. Renée van Kessel-Hagesteijn is the director of Social and Behavioural Sciences at NWO (National Research Council), Managing Director National Initiative Brain and Cognition, Coordinator at NORFACE, and member of the Supervisory Board of ICS. To read our interview with Dr. Renée van Kessel-Hagesteijn click here.

prof. dr. Bruce Knauft

Prof.dr. Bruce M. Knauft is Samuel C. Dobbs Professor in de Antropologie en directeur van SARR States at Regional Risk Project aan de Emory Universiteit in Atlanta, GA 30322 USA. To read our  interview with prof. dr. Bruce M. Knauft click here.