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Silent Retreat

Silence, a way to enjoy life to the fullest.

“ Above anything, welcome silence, for it brings fruits that no tongue can speak of, neither can it be explained. ”   Isaac van Nineveh

This quote reflects our own experience with silence: after being in silence for a while, we experience the most incredible moments of insight, joy, beauty, love and connection.
An unexpected and wonderful gift every time.

Silent retreat

But those moments do not come easily: it can be difficult embracing silence.
You encounter restlessness in your head, in your body. And moments of boredom, pain, sadness and loneliness. Illusions, structures and everything else that is taken for granted disappear, and we no longer have anything to hold on to. We are  thrown back on ourself and nature around us.

And then, all of a sudden, it’s like the sun breaks through, water starts flowing, the world starts singing…while we sing along. Colours are more beautiful, flavours and scents more intense, sensations feel like a caress. And in our heart, there is room for everything there is. Exactly so.


It is a pleasure that our new place in Italy offers the space and the beauty for our silent retreats. Terra Saggia offers an oasis of peace and quiet, of beautiful nature.

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Meditation sessions alternate with activities in nature, bodywork and ‘time to play’.
There is a good balance between space for self and space for being together.

Practical details

Facilitation : Anja Hueber  en Celeste Neelen
Fee : € 1.075,- incl program, single accommodation, all meals , tea/coffee breaks etc.
For more info: anja@quinx.org or info@artisagreece.org
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