The Magic of Silence

Source of inspiration and (personal) leadership

Welcome to our silent retreat in the heart of Le Marche, Italy, at our beautiful place: La Terra Saggia.

We invite you to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stand QUIET, literally and figuratively. In the serene environment of this enchanting place, we want to journey together to a larger place within you, where silence is not just an absence of sound and noise, but a powerful source of insight and renewal.

In our daily lives we are often overwhelmed by the constant flow of stimuli and demands. By standing still and becoming silent, we create space for inner peace and clarity. Here, amid the soothing nature of Le Marche, we can distance ourselves from the usual patterns and automatisms that guide us. It is an invitation to ‘feel’ more deeply and discover what really lives within us and wants to be lived.

Silent retreat

The surroundings of La Terra Saggia will act as a natural backdrop to our journey inward. Think of vast hills, winding paths through lush forests and the silence of remote places where you only hear the sound of the wind and birds. In this serene environment you will have the opportunity to embrace the silence and experience how it leads you to a larger place within yourself.


From this larger place, we will find answers to the challenges of our daily lives. Without the noise of the outside world, we can listen to our own inner voice and from there, make new, conscious choices. With clarity, authenticity and resilience.

This retreat offers guided meditations, bodywork, silent walks, reflection and coaching moments, to support you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and discovering new perspectives.
There is a good balance between space for self and space for being together.

Who is this week intended for:

*For anyone who wants to experience more space and calmness within themselves.
*For those who want to live and/or lead from their deepest essence and deepest ‘knowing’.
*For those who want to learn to relax in the ‘not’ knowing, to learn to trust, beyond fear and tension.
*For those who want to learn to listen to signals coming form their bodies, as well as their minds, and to start giving more attention to these signals.
*For anyone who wants to remain standing in the storms and delusions of everyday life and wants to tap into a powerful, broader source of calm and awareness within themselves.


This retreat is guided by two experienced ‘silence’ facilitators: Anja Hueber and Wouter Torfs, mindfulness en silence-practioner since 30 years.
Together with the participants they will explore silence as a source of inspiration. They offer their experience and skills and ensure that everyone takes home renewed inspiration, strength, sensitivity and focus. To use for themselves, for others, and for a better, more beautiful world.


La Terra Saggia 0ffers the space, the beauty and the quietness  for our silent retreats. It is an oasis of peace and quiet, of magnificent nature.

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Practical details

Data: 05 – 11 October 2024
Facilitation : Anja Hueber  & Wouter Torfs
Fee : € 1.965,- incl program, single accommodation, all meals , tea/coffee breaks etc.
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