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Writing Retreat for Academics, PhD students and other professionals

Spring 2022:
08 April – 22 April in Greece, Epidavros
20 May – 10 June in Italy, Le Marche

Our writing retreats for academics, PhD students and other professionals offer you the possibility to concentrate on thinking, reading and writing in a sustained way, to recharge your battery, and to gain new inspiration. For individuals and groups. Let original new ideas be born, maybe even ground-breaking ideas for new projects, and your writing flow.

Ideal for spending (part of) your sabbatical, (re-)writing research proposals, working on a book, conference papers, articles, chapters, inaugural lectures, educational programs, working on joint projects, etc.

Sparring partnership and coaching on request.

For PhD students it is a good opportunity to give a boost to your dissertation in a short period of time. Rediscover that writing a PhD thesis can progress smoothly and is fun.
Feel free to send us an e-mail if you would like to get more info about the program.

New for PhD students

We offer one -to-one writing support sessions via Skype by Miriam de Boer. (cost price)
She wrote her PhD thesis in cognitive neurosciences at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.  Furthermore she is a certified coach. 
Miriam has gained experience in writing on subjects including philosophy, biology, linguistics, psychology and neuroscience. Additionally, she has experience in writing about science for the general public.

During your stay at Artisa, she looks forward to working together with you so that when you return home, you can continue writing your dissertation in an inspired and effective way.
Contact us for more info.

Dissertation writing week

We also organise our Dissertation writing week for PhD candidates, with tailor made coaching. In autumn 2021 from 08th October to 15th October by dr. Irina Sheftel. In spring 2022 from 20th May to 27th May by dr. Frank Leoné.
You could also join one of our open retreats and receive one to one coaching through Skype or Zoom-sessions. (see above)

Some reviews

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‘The set-up is fantastic, a good and well thought through balance between highly professional approach and personal touch, structure and flexibility, possibility for sociality and solitude. The setting contributed to enhanced sense of revitalization, centeredness and invigoration, combined with the enjoyment of interacting with inspiring individuals from different countries. Professionally, the stay was amazingly helpful for my writing, in ways that I did not expect and had not experienced before, although this is not my first writing retreat. There was a feeling of magical proliferation of ideas, new connections and analytical points from the first to the last day – I could not stop working – and the work was not exhausting but rather rejuvenating.’ Prof. dr. Venka Simovska, Denmark

‘I came to ARTISA to test whether an idea for a medical textbook that I’ve had for some time would actually be feasible. I was able to outline the project, do the required research and draft two chapters. This would never have happened had I not participated in a writing retreat. The setting was fantastic: lovely spacious rooms, excellent food, and warm and friendly hosts. I also enjoyed the stimulating companionship and walks on the beach and in the village. Writing can be a tough and lonely activity. The unique atmosphere at ARTISA made everything so much easier! After the retreat I feel energized and highly motivated to continue the book project. Thank you Celeste and everyone else for this fantastic experience!’ Associate professor, dr. Anna Keski-Rahkonen

‘Great week. This is the best combination of working in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere and at the same time making significant progress with writing. The approach and set-up are perfect. The social context is great as well – you can be on your own or join others – no pressure either way. Everyone is extremely well taken care of.’ Prof. dr. B. Leyendecker, Professor Ruhr University, Bochem, Germany

‘Artisa is an outstanding place. Celeste does a marvellous job. You get so much work done in one week that you are thinking about your next stay while you are still there. I was simply thrilled. It was a great group, a marvellous place. It is the combination of routine and the feeling of being surrounded by creative people that is most stimulating.’
dr. Martin Kaiser, fellow researcher at University of Zurich.

‘At ARTISA I worked on a new philosophy book for a general audience. In Dutch. Great language for the kind of book I write. I experienced such a great possibility to focus on my work and stayed full of energy at the same time.’ Prof. Dr. J. Bransen


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