Paintings – Celeste Neelen

‘ To me the act of painting is magic. Out of nothing, slowly or suddenly, emerges something, color, space, movement, form. I love this process of creation, the smell of the paint, the texture of a brushstroke, the surprises and frustration.  What is touching or inspiring, will find its way into the painting. That can be expression of movement, color, abundance of nature, beauty, and also social themes like  immigration and how we cope with borders.’

5 – 6 September 2020 : I participate in Open Art Studio days in the Netherlands – Oisterwijk. Send a mail for more details.

Borders 24 x 18


Borders for our security, our health, our space?
In the evening I lock the house and my car is secured.
I wash my hands, I keep distance and draw borders.
I boast my immune system against threat and disease.

My body expanding beyond my skin,
connecting to everything around me, you are me and I am you.
Borders dividing our souls.

The river flowing and refreshing
Showing its beauty to everybody
Witnessing tragedies, no sign what has happened
A harmless soul fighting to cross the stream
looking for a home or taken to heaven.



Border River Evros Turkey-Greece

Evros - Border Greece - Turkey 30 x 24

Evros - Border Greece - Turkey

Evros - Border Greece - Turkey 30 x30


Germinate, grow, blossom, decay, death. Flowers are beautiful in every phase of its life. And how about us…?

Flowers-1, 25 x 30

Spring flowers

Summer 50 x 65

crocus, 13 x 18


flowers-2 - In process - 30 x 30

Bird Song - Acrylic painting in the garden 100 x 200 Bringing colour in a green garden

Stories of the sea 100 x 80

Some older paintings

A couple of paintings done while staying in Greece. The first one is inspired by a friend who could sit for hours at the sea-side letting her hands write stories of the sea. The others are the first abstract paintings I made moved by nature and flowers as source of inspiration. Architecture, composition and how the light travels in the city was the base for the last 2 paintings that are shown.

abstract landscape, 40 x 40

Flowers- abstract oil painting

My mom loves flowers - 1, 70 x 50

abstract landscape, 50 x 40

roses abstract oil painting

my mom loves flowers-2, 70 x 50

Light in town

The day light creeps on the walls,
the night light brings surprise,
vast spaces of architecture,
built by human hands,
reflections of light,
beautiful in its own way

Neoclassical building on Ermou Athens

Walking on Ermou - Athens, 70 x 50

Potsdammer Platz

Potsdammer Platz - Berlin, 80 x 40