Atelier in het bos

Paintings – Celeste Neelen

‘ To me the act of painting is magic. Out of nothing, slowly or suddenly, emerges something, color, space, movement, form. I love this process of creation, the smell of the paint, the texture of a brushstroke, the surprises and frustration.  What is touching or inspiring, will find its way into the painting. That can be expression of movement, color, abundance of nature, beauty, and also social themes like  immigration and how we cope with borders.’


Borders 24 x 18

Borders-2 20 x 20



The river of ghosts

The river Evros marks the border between Greece and Turkey. For ages it has been the site of border clashes. Recently it is a place where many refugees found death, while trying to cross to Europe. The peaceful landscape doesn’t provide many clues about the tragedies that have occurred here. While many people are aware of the reoccurring tragedies of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, the fate of Evros’ victims remain a relatively uncovered story.

  Evros - Border Greece - Turkey


Abundance 20 x 30

Abundance-2 20x 30

Flowers abstract - 1, 25 x 30

Spring flowers

Summer 50 x 65

flowers abstract - 2, 13 x 18

flowers abstract - 3, 18 x 24

Leaves in decay

leaves in decay, 50 x 40

flowers abstract

flowers abstract-4, 13 x 18

Bird Song - Acrylic painting in the garden 100 x 200 Bringing colour in a green garden

Stories of the sea 100 x 80

Some older paintings

A couple of paintings made while staying in Greece. The first one is inspired by a friend who could sit for hours at the sea-side writing her stories. The others are the first abstract paintings I made, inspired by nature and flowers. Other sources of inspiration are architecture, light in the city and portraits.

abstract landscape, 40 x 40

Rooted - Abstract painting

Rooted - Abstract painting, 50 x 70

Flowers- abstract oil painting

My mom loves flowers - 1, 70 x 50

abstract landscape, 50 x 40

abstract landscape, 40 x 30

roses abstract oil painting

my mom loves flowers-2, 70 x 50

Light in town

Day light creeps on the walls,
night light brings surprises,
vast spaces of architecture,
built by human hands,
reflections of light,
beautiful in their own way

Neoclassical building on Ermou Athens

Walking on Ermou - Athens, 70 x 50

Potsdammer Platz

Potsdammer Platz - Berlin, 80 x 40