About us

Artisa is co-founded and managed by Celeste Neelen. She works together with committed and skillful colleagues. We share a passion for a life long learning, writing, art, creating and sun. Our strength lies in our individual expertise and the added value of our cooperation.

Director Artisa Celeste Celeste Neelen graduated as work and organizational psychologist at Radboud University Nijmegen and modern dance teacher at Amsterdam School of the Arts. She has been running her own company, for many years, specializing in personal leadership and organizational change..
Now she is managing director of ARTISA and partner of Quinx, a Belgian-Dutch consultancy company. She is an experienced coach of (silent) retreats.
Bringing people into contact with their innate qualities and freedom and encouraging them to put their potential into action, is what she loves to do.
In the spare time that is left she works as a visual artist, creating paintings in oil and mixed media: colourful expressions of movement, light, and space.
She founded Athens WING, an international network group to support professional women in Greece. She has built a large and diverse network in Greece and is connected to the various research centres in Athens and the international community.
She is co-founder of La Terra Saggia, together with Anja Hueber, her newest project in Le Marche in Italy.
Frank Leoné
Dr. Frank Leoné holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. His writing experience includes fields as broad as Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Philosophy, and Law, as well as extensive experience writing for grants and advisory work. He co-founded AKKU trainingbureau, a training organization for and by students, and now heads Marbelous Minds, a company which is dedicated to make learning more fun and effective. He is assistant professor at RU Nijmegen in brain inspired educative games. He leads the integral writing week for PhD students at Artisa

Anja Hueber

Anja Hueber is co-founder of Quinx and co-founder La Terra Saggia and has been working for many years as a consultant on organizational and personal development.
In recent years she has been withdrawing from the organizational work, focussing more on fine-tuning her own programs in specific area’s such as the power of silence, deep personal and transpersonal work and her work on increasing women’s impact in the world. Participants describe her work as deepening and inspiring. In the way she works, she is very sensitive towards creating a safe and supporting space where people can dive deeper into discovering about themselves, who they are without masks and beyond patterns. In order to live a life, more full, more meaningful.
At our new place , La Terra Saga she is facilitating  silent retreats.
Coach Time-out at Artisa
Micky Masset, partner of Quinx, is coach and trainer for personal and organizational change. She specializes in one-to-one work and small groups. She was one of the earliest practitioners in constellation work and has developed her own form of individual constellation to great success. She is facilitating the Deep dive detox program.